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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have you guys in England heard of / seen a Silk Floss tree ? See below. ( I hope !)

Image Image



Never Hank, how unusual......are those growths normal? Look a bit like sea shells!

16 Jan, 2015


I have seen it in California but it comes from South America. It is not hardy outdoors in the UK alas. If you like the spike look then try Aralia spinosa or Kalopanax.

16 Jan, 2015


never in my life have I seen a tree with spikes like that! interesting discovery.

16 Jan, 2015


I've seen them in books and in gardens in the med. definitely not one to rub against.

16 Jan, 2015


Are you away Hank? I got some little plants ready for posting to you.

16 Jan, 2015


I'm in San Diego, California at my daughter's until Feb 13th, Sue, but my son is home and is capable if given explicit instructions. and yes, PamG, the spikes are quite normal.
Have just been out to Valentino's bar with Dtr, eating sushi and drinking martinis , quite unlike me but pretty damn good ! Will certainly go again next Friday.

17 Jan, 2015


Sounds as if you're having a great time Hank.....its cold here ?

17 Jan, 2015


Hi Hank, if you go to your questions, and look for 13th march last year, you've asked basically the same question, and got more information, Derek.

17 Jan, 2015


Hi Hank, they've already been in the dark 24hrs and no post today being Sunday, and they are both pretty small so I'll unpack them and try again later.

18 Jan, 2015

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