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I am gardening for the first time, Have a problem with a very small blue/black beetle that flies, it is destroying my runner beans by eating the heart of the flower, which then drops off leaving a dead stalk,can you advise

thankyou, Mr Peter Leck.



Not sure what the blue black beetle is, but I am pretty sure its unrelated to the loss of your flowers. This does happen in beans, where the flowers arrive but then fall or wither before the pod sets. Causes can be late frost, sparrows and even bumble bees, but if you don't have sparrows, more likely its to do with dryness at the roots - runner beans should be planted in a deep trench which has been filled with composted manure, or humus rich materials, and then watered thoroughly during dry spells. Failure of flowers to set is always a bigger problem in hot, dry summers.

13 Jul, 2010


Hi Bamboo
Thanks for info, I am on a water meter, so that speaks volumes, glad it is probably what you said, rather that than having to use chemicals to get rid of critters, by the way I knew nothing of trenching in compost and wet newspaper before I planted. will be more prepared next year, thanks again .


17 Jul, 2010


Wet newspaper, that's a new one on me, lol. Better luck next year, though I should tell you you're not alone - many people are complaining their beans aren't setting this year, and I also discovered that runner beans do not like very hot and dry weather, they much prefer a cooler situation, so the heatwave came at the wrong time for a lot of people's beans.

17 Jul, 2010

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