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I cannot remember what spring bulb these are.. Please can you help

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could be bluebells/last years hyacinths.

do they have an oniony smell to them? if yes then allium [though rather early]

17 Jan, 2015


My initial thought was bluebells but it's a bit early. Even down in the mild south, mine aren't showing yet

17 Jan, 2015


Could they be the leaves from autumn crocus emerging ?

17 Jan, 2015


that seems too early , well it is in my garden, but they do look a bit like them don't they Badfish.

17 Jan, 2015


I would say Hyacinth and they do emerge early if it is mild enough.

17 Jan, 2015


My bluebell/hyacinths are coming through, so are my tulips which worries me a bit. I think they might be ok as don't they have their own form of anti-freeze?

17 Jan, 2015


My bluebells are showing now, but only just.

17 Jan, 2015


I'd go for hyacinths. The leaves look rather too broad for bluebells and a little too bright green for tulips? Its wait and see time!

18 Jan, 2015


They look like dwarf tulips or could be the foliage for snowbells. My snowbells have been visible since last October just like the grape hyacinths. Hope you post more information when they flower.

21 Jan, 2015

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