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By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Calling all Hosta experts.

I love Hostas and so far have six in pots and two baby ones which I grew from seed.
I got a packet of mixed Hosta seeds from the BBC gardners world show last year and potted them up in multi purpose compost, only two have taken.
This year I bought another packet and was wondering if anyone could advise me if I should sow them in any other medium and the best care to see if I can grow more than two!



The best medium for seeds is seed and potting compost, John Innes no 1. It has a lower nutrient level than no 2 and lower than multipurpose. I wouldn't start off any seeds in multipurpose.

10 Jul, 2010


Hi Reem,

I would agree with Jonathan that multi-purpose compost is not the best medium for germinating seeds, the drainage is very poor indeed and the nutrient levels are not appropriate for delicate seedlings.

I start all seeds in pure perlite or vermiculite which gives fantastic drainage and allows rapid development of young root systems. A soil based compost mixed with 50% potting grit or perlite would be my second choice and would allow the seedlings to grow for a longer time before needing to be pricked out.

Having said that the poor germination rates that you got from your previous Hosta seeds might have more to do with the age/viability of the seed (they should really been sown as soon as they are harvested for best results) and/or the humidity levels in the container that you used to sow them.

10 Jul, 2010


Thanks for the advice, very useful. I'm still very much a novice gardner and had no idea about not using multipurpose for seeds so have learnt something new.

10 Jul, 2010

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