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I have lots of primula vulgaris in my garden. Now that the flowers are well and truly over the leaves are dying off and look horrible. Do I have to leave them there ready for next year or can I cut them off and plant something else near the primula to cover the decaying plants?



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13 Jul, 2010


Thank you. They do look better having had some rain. Do they stay green all year then until next spring. I should have thought the leaves would die off some time?

14 Jul, 2010


No - you lose the occasional leaf here and there, but if kept watered, they more or less retain their foliage until after Christmas, when they sometimes do disappear back to a sort of nub in the middle, and reappear again as soon as they can.

14 Jul, 2010


Thanks. I will try and keep them watered from now on.

14 Jul, 2010

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