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poorly sweetpeas


By Sarlou

my nice green sweetpeas are no longer healthy they have been planted into a large pot but look ill despite me looking after them why?



It could be the weather or watering regime, have you tried cutting them back this sometimes revives poor plants and you may have a pleasant suprise with the result. What have you got to lose do let us know what happens.

13 May, 2007


may be over-watering, let them dry out quite a bit - then give a good nitrogen feed, they may buck up a bit then!

19 May, 2007


Sweetpeas really resent root disturbance. Champion growers plant seeds in a cardboard loo roll tube so that they can plant out the whole thing without disturbing the sweetpea roots. Could this be the answer? In any event I hope your sweetpeas have only suffered a temporary blip and are romping away now.

6 Jun, 2007

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