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How to get rid of woodlice are they harmful to plants ?

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Woodlice are detritivores, meaning that they feed almost exclusively on detritus (i.e. dead and rotting plant matter) and as such they play a vital part in the breaking down of waste material and the return of nutrients to the soil.

They can sometimes also feed on very soft live plant material if it is moist and at ground level - tender seedlings are sometimes targeted for instance - but generally speaking they won't cause any harm in the garden and you shouldn't be trying to get rid of them at all.

10 Jul, 2010


I agree I view them as a gardner's friend

10 Jul, 2010


And fried, they taste like shrimps..................or so I am told.

10 Jul, 2010


Um no thanks Owdb!

10 Jul, 2010


Many thanks for your useful comments. I won't be trying them fried !

11 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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