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By Patfran

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Can I train or trim the aerial roots of my cheese plant which are going everywhere!?



Hi, the ariel roots on these are mainly there to support the stems, which can be quite heavy, if you are prepared to stake the plant, then yes you can cut them off, or just cut a few of them off, I tend to think that they a a bit of interest to the appearance of what to me personally is a pretty boring looking plant, personal taste I suppose, Derek.

21 Jan, 2015


Boring looking plant? I have been acquainted with some people whom I have been tempted to drape ornamental lights over them to create more interest :)

22 Jan, 2015


Thanks people. Personally I think they are very interesting plants especially as they mature and the leaves get more and more segmented, but, as you say, personal choice. I have staked it so I shall now trim some of the roots. Thanks again.

22 Jan, 2015

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