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Do Primula Vulgaris (the wild primrose) grow in Australia around Sydney?

I am visiting a friend and would like to take her a couple of packets of seeds to try and grow - any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you, Carol.



The Australians are VERY particular about what they let into the country - even seeds. You would be advised to check. My sister came over here for Xmas and brought fresh cherries, strawberries apricots and peaches with her into UK but she can't even take an apple back with her.

23 Jan, 2015


Australia has an authorized list of seeds it will allow seed sellers to export to their territory - I'd imagine the rules will be even tighter for visitors bringing in seed packets. Probably best to check what the list says first - even if wild primrose will grow there, it might be listed as an invasive or undesirable species there.

23 Jan, 2015


I think you will find that the common primrose needs a period of stratification or a cold period to make them germinate in the UK. As suggested there may be several problems with taking seeds or introducing a new species to Australia so some further investigation needs to be undertaken.

23 Jan, 2015


I believe that Primula vulgaris is on the Australian 'allowed' list but I wouldn't want to be caught with any seeds on my person when entering the country! P. vulgaris grows in a cool, moist conditions so, from what I see on the news, I would have thought that conditions around Sydney would be particularly challenging for it.

23 Jan, 2015


Even if it's allowed don't chance it. You might get a customs agent over there who got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning.

23 Jan, 2015


As per bulbaholic....i would imagine it would be far too warm for it. From memory, i'm sure some primula seeds won't germinate in temps over 20 degrees (might even be lower) and the plants are woodland plants preferring acidic, cool, moist, shady conditions.

Cowslips might be better, they're actually invasive at work and im always spraying them off the paths and borders

24 Jan, 2015

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