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I have just bought some primula obconica fromLidl. The plant sleeve indicates that they are outdoor. The RHS appears to indicate that they are not hardy and are cold greenhouse or houseplants. A site in the States they are hardy to zone 8-10. Has anyone any experience of these lovel primulas



I'd believe the RHS - certainly I'd describe these plants as tender, shortlived, evergreen perennials - note that some people can react to the short hairs on the leaves.

It's not just Lidl who are 'inventive' with the truth - even good garden centres are often, shall we say, 'overly optimistic' when they describe a plant as hardy. Best thing is to check before you buy via google on your smartphone if you've got one, or look it up before going to buy.

23 Jan, 2015


You might get away with growing it outdoors in a sheltered west coast garden but I wouldn't recommend it as a garden plant in North Yorkshire, Barbara. It is normally considered a greenhouse or house plant.

23 Jan, 2015


Definately an indoor plant that needs cool, frost free conditions.
Saying that, i have a Gardenia jasminoides which i forgot to bring in. It's out on the patio and still very much alive. It was minus 6 last night and we had snow on wednesday !!!!

As mentioned, P. obconica can be an irritant so if anyone comes up in rashes....i'd have that as the cause.

23 Jan, 2015


Its a shame since its a bueatiful plant, mabye bring it outdoors in the summer then take it back in when the weather turns cold again.

23 Jan, 2015


There's a great map f the U.S. plant hardiness zones at which includes the outlines and names of the states. Zones 8-10 include southern Texas, Alabama and Florida.
Admittedly, zone 8 and 9 spread up the west coast to
British Columbia but that climate might have something to do with the Pacific.... Not quite the same as Yorkshire and the North Sea ?

24 Jan, 2015


I am allergic to primula obconica so I stay well away from the plant. They say that they have bred a variety which does not cause the allergic reaction but I will not be testing them!

24 Jan, 2015

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