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how to lay crazy paving



Are you asking or telling?

23 Jan, 2015


Whether for patio, pathway or driveway it is best for you to obtain some literature and or videos on this endeavor or hire a contractor to do it. Your question contains too many unknowns ( size of area, type of substrate, topography of area, drainage of area, etc..) with regards to your particular situation to adequately provide a satisfactory and what could be a very lengthy DIY answer. Also coming into play is your physical condition. Whether they realize it or not most gardeners have the physical conditioning to do this kind of work involving laying lumber forms stone and gravel. They have from years of gardening developed the endurance , strength and flexibility to do this. So you might want take that into account before starting. If you have never performed this labor before what you dont want to have happen it to walk away exhausted after an half an hours work or wake up with terrrible muscle and tendon pain the next day.

24 Jan, 2015


I understand that broken concrete slabs are called "urbanite" in the US. sort of makes crazy paving 'cool' or at least not as naff as it is often considered in the UK.
And now means that I have enough paving material for my yard (no more scouring EBay for the last 200 affordable blue bricks)

24 Jan, 2015


For a fairy small area though if you do intend after all to DIY, make sure the area is quite level and well compacted. You might like to add a permeable membrane and cover it with coarse sand and lay the slabs onto it. Settle them firmly.Then what you do next is up to you, preferably mortar the joints, or fill with washed sand, allow some months to settle and seal with a commercial sealant, (I don't think this works very well) or leave some gaps for little plants such a thyme.

24 Jan, 2015

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