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hello everyone and i hope your all enjoying the lovley weather . i have to keep asking this question till the right person answers it . there was a cat litter type that is great for growing plants in i was wondering if anyone either knew which type or the person who mentioned it please . take care bye for now .




Loving the lovely weather - but too warm to sleep!! Apparently it rained on Thursday morning (must of missed the soil) - had a lie in that day and never noticed!! Anyway back to the question... Stjohntongue answered it 24899

11 Jul, 2010


what cute little doggies, stjohntongue always comes up with good answers

11 Jul, 2010


Hi Noseypotter..... It's SUPERCAT PINK PLUS......tried it a while back, as friends using it. Grew cuttings in it, but now in the ground as so much watering needed. Warm sunshine is wonderful, no rain not so wonderful. Just read scary book THE LONG drought has polished off civilizations all over the world, due to complex goings on in weather systems. We are only just beginning to understand, slightly, how it interacts. Most of them lasted far longer than our current way of living.

11 Jul, 2010


oh Np what lovely little faces :0))) have you thought that the photo would make an amazin pastel
as to the heat we've a strong wind today and forecast ( hopefully) heavy rain overnight

11 Jul, 2010


Hi dude, it was me who mentioned the cat litter.
The type you want is the clay granule type.....

Go to

You do need to water more frequently or you could add some well rotted pine bark to the cat litter.

The hot weather.....hmmm, it'll be nice when/if it starts. ;-)))

11 Jul, 2010


sorry your not all enjoying the sunshine . glad you all helped so much with my questin . thanx a lot i realy apreciate it.take care bye for now .

11 Jul, 2010


we havnt got a hope of serviving much longer at this rate and in this climate excuse the bad pun dorjac so make the most of it while its here i guess .

13 Jul, 2010

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