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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have a Fuchsia 'Display', which I bought last Summer.

It was covered in pink flowers and even survived a severe bout of rust covering every leaf.

It bounced back and came back just as bushy.

My question is, throughout all the cold weather it kept all its leaves which look nice and lush. The plant is just as bushy as it was in Summer.

Is this normal? I expected them to fall off.

I have recently covered it with a fleece jacket to be on he safe side.

If it helps I can photograph it.



it hasn't been that cold so that will be why it is looking ok. it may still drop its leaves when the new ones start to grow. I think the fleece is a good idea un less you can bring it into a cold porch etc.

26 Jan, 2015


Thanks Seaburngirl

I live in a communal block of flats and any items left inside will be removed by the Caretakers.

The fleece will have to do.

I'm just lucky enough to live on the ground floor, so have gardening space.

26 Jan, 2015


I wouldn't fleece it in London. If the leaves do fall it doesnt matter as you can crop it right back to the ground in late spring and it will bounce back. Its rare for a fuchsia to keep its leaves thorugh the winter in this country anyway - this one is four stars hardy (ie hard almost anywhere).

26 Jan, 2015


Thanks Steragram.

26 Jan, 2015


Hello Alex this is great news and then you will be able to take tip cuttings to.

28 Jan, 2015


Good idea - they root really easily, even just in water.

28 Jan, 2015


Yes and mulit pot tip cuttings about 7 start off in a3inch pot then when you see the roots at bottom pot on to next size pot till you reach 5 or 6 inch pot which will be your final pot.

And the this can go into a hanging pot or large container you will have a fantastic display.

28 Jan, 2015


Cuttings sounds like a good idea.

Thanks Scotkat.

31 Jan, 2015

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