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I need a plant that thrives in full shade

I need a perranial plant that thrives in full shade (under a window of a north facing wall of my house) I want it under the window so no taller than say 100 cm and not smaller than 18 inches. Preferably scented by not essential and must have flowers preferably coloured... any ideas??? To summarise...

-between 45 and 100
-preferably scented



Don't know of any perennial with coloured blooms that have a scent that thrive in full shade. There's a few that have scented white flowers though. All the following are scentless but have coloured blooms that thrive in partial to full shade. If they can get a little bit of sunlight at some time they will bloom even better.

Anenome huphensis var. Japonica. Flowers vary in shades of pink Aug - Oct,

Foxgloves - Digitalis grandiflora. Perennial variety. Flowers lemon yellow June and July.

Polemonium caeruleum - Flowers blue in June. Also known as Jacob's ladder.

Geranium Brookside. Flowers blue June - Sept with blooms on stalks 18" high, but foliage forms a lower mound. Flowers need deadheading to encourage further blooms

Geranium pratense 'Mrs Kendal Clarke' - Flowers blue/grey on 24" stalks June/July.

Aqualegia vulgaris varieties - Flowers various colours May - June

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket - Flower pink/white spikes 18" high May - June

26 Jan, 2015


what about a dwarf Mahonia winter flowering. spring bulbs like hyacinths, but maybe too short.

By a north window wont be as shady as under a tree canopy so its not too bad in that respect.

scroll down to the bottom of the page to the alphabet click on s and then there will be an option on shade plants. click that and see what takes your fancy.

26 Jan, 2015


Hosta come to mind. They have flower spikes and can have very variable variegation and leaf colour.

26 Jan, 2015


I'd go for Mahonia aquifolium 'Smaragd' - gets a bit wider than it does high, height 1 metre, fragrant bright yellow clusters of flowers very early spring, evergreen.

26 Jan, 2015


Great suggestion - better than a perennial for that spot and its evergreen too. You could grow some other things next to it to flower in summer, perhaps the foxgloves?

26 Jan, 2015


Mahonia, yes, and I'd go for the scented hostas - Fragrant Bouquet, Cathedral Windows, Guacamole, Fragrant Blue Ribbons - just to start you off. And I'd plant spring bulbs, daffodils and white or yellow tulips to brighten up the area in spring.

Light (particularly white and yellow) flowers look better in shady areas than dark colours.

26 Jan, 2015


And my answer to about half the questions on here - Euonymus fortunii, a low growing variegated evergreen bright and cheerful all year. Gold and silver ones avaiable)
If planted close to the wall it can grow up vertically like a creeper, otherwise it makes a low bush you can trim as much as you like.

27 Jan, 2015

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