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I have a eucalyptus tree which is about 2m tall, I keep cutting it back so it doesn't get any taller and it is getting lovely and bushy at the top which is what I want. I have cut it back at the bottom also but it is very sparse and no new sprouts seem to be coming, as a result it looks very top heavy, how do i encourage it to become bushier at the bottom? Cheers, Jo.



If its Eucalyptus gunnii, and you don't want to keep it as a small tree, but would rather have it as a shrub, then you need to cut it right down end of March every year, take it down to the ground if its got a single stem currently. You'll have a bare space in the border initially, but by the end of the growing season, you'll have a 6 -8 foot shrub. I know it sounds drastic, but I promise you it works. Recently planted one myself that I shall be treating in this way. And you need to cut it down every year.

11 Jul, 2010

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