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Hi. I have a great number of yellow 'seeds' on my back lawn. Are these likely to grow into something? Can anyone identify them? Are they possibly from the plant pictured, and is this a plant or 'weed'? Thanks, Dave.

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Plant looks like a day lily (hemerocalis), and a very nice one too. Not sure what the orange pips are, but they won't be anything to do with the hemerocalis.

11 Jul, 2010


are the orange pips the tubers from lesser celandine? They look about right.
or have you had the rice crispie fairy planting them?

One of my girls did that when she was little as she had been told rice was a seed and rice crispies are made of rice. she wanted a rice cripsie tree. awh bless. amess to tidy up though.

the flower looks like Hemerocallis floro pleno.

11 Jul, 2010


the leaves next to them look like pine needles. these could be dead pine tree flowers.

11 Jul, 2010


Hi Thanks for your quick replies.
To Seaburngirl , very nice story, but no children have been in garden lately! They do look like rice krispies in pic, but they are actually half the size and more solid.
Don't think I have any lesser celandine in the area.
Hope they don't grow as there are too many to remove.

11 Jul, 2010

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