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I grew beautiful Lillie's last year from bulbs my daughter bought me for mothers day they were in full bloom and then they were eaten by red spiders will they say them when they grow this year



The red spider mite's eggs can overwinter and you could have the same problem again this growing season. Since I have not really had a problem with these pests I am not familiar with their control or eradication but I know that other members will be very experienced in this and will give you good advice. It would help if you give your location in your personal profile. Best regards.

31 Jan, 2015


I presume you mean red spider mite? or do you mean red lilly beattle. Spider mites thrive in very hot, dry conditions. They are easily kept under control by spraying water on the plants every day....especially the undersides of the leaves.

Red lilly beatles (just like red ladybirds in appearance) need a systemic insecticide. Provado do a pretty good one.

31 Jan, 2015


I wondered if you meant red Lily Beetle too..Garlic spray is supposed to be effective, making sure you spray under the leaves as well,at regular intervals..,plus splitting a Garlic clove and sticking the cloves in the soil around the plants is said to help..Our local radio Gardener never has a problem doing this with his..Also,if you saw a recent gardening programme about Garden Favourites,with James Wong,he gave the same advice on visiting a garden that specialised in growing Lilies. I haven't tried it myself,so I can't confirm ..but it's worth a try,

31 Jan, 2015


if it was lily beetle then you may well get them again next year. I check the plants most days and pick the beetles off and stand on them. The eggs of the lily beetle are about 1=2mm long and red. found on the under surface of the leaves.

31 Jan, 2015

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