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Can anyone guide where someone might purchase White King Fuchsia? Live in Seattle Washington. I see a photo in the August Fuchsia Blog. Many Thanks, John W.



My search turned up zilch(including plant dealers in your state) in the USA. There are a few sites in the UK but I doubt that they would be able to send them across the pond due to regulations but there is no harm in asking. I am not going to mention specific dealers here but you will find them on the web. If I do find one I will send the info via PM.

31 Jan, 2015


You must have seen it on my blog.
I live in Wales, but I think you'd have to get it somewhere in America.

31 Jan, 2015


Welcome to Goy j4werner. If you highlight 'White King Fuchsia? Live in Seattle Washington' then right click on it you will get a drop down list. Click on Search Google for the highlighted words. You will find a listing near the top for the Northwest Fuchsia Society hardy List. Open that link. Then choose 'growers list' from the items across the top. Many seem to be closed until March but you can contact them via email. If you check the list of Hardy Fuchsias you will find White King listed there. Good luck with your search.

31 Jan, 2015

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