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Does anyone own a Midge Magnet - do they work ? They are very expensive to buy new £700 + but we've got the change of a 2nd hand one "Liberty Plus" - does anyone use one & what do they think of it. We've a lot of midges in Scotland & our garden's particularly bad with all the trees around it - really spoils all our hard work when we can't sit outside at nights and enjoy. Nothing works on the little blighters.



my husband would happily lend you his. thats me :o( If there are any around I am the first to be bitten.
sorry to be flippant

I have no idea about the device. The cottage we stayed in when on the isle of harris had a device in the garden that was supposed to work. but 12 centigrade and continual rain for the week meant we never found out if it worked or not.

11 Jul, 2010


Thanks SBG - I believe you really need to run it 24hrs a day for 2 - 3 months over the worst of the season as it's the female that breeds & the only species that bites (of midge that is - don't know about mossies). Runs on propane which mimics human breath apparently. I've heard they are pretty good but some folk report they only last a couple of years then break down. A lot of money if that's the case. Perhaps there's a fellow GoY'r that can point us in the direction of where to buy one at a reasonable price?

11 Jul, 2010

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