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When planting a peony, do you plant 'eyes' below or above ground ? I bought one on ebay seller said the reason people said they resent being moved and refuse to flower is because people plant with the 'eyes' below ground, so not to do it. I planted as advised and two of the 'eyes' flowered. I have also read that they won't flower properly unless 'eyes' below soil. what is your experience please?



As long as the top of the growth point is not more than an inch below soil level, then they are happy. Some of ours are just lying on the surface and they thrive. The reason is because they need a period of cold to change the buds from leaf to flower. Why worry if your plants have flowered?

12 Jul, 2010


I'm going to buy another one Owdboggy and hope all the 'eyes' will grow, not just 2:-)

13 Jul, 2010


Well, plant them shallow and feed with Tomorite in February and another feed with something like Maxicrop after flowering has finished.

13 Jul, 2010


Thanks Ob:-)

13 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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