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By Eunson

Can I put the ash from my wood burner on the garden?



Yes. There was a question similar to yours asked on jan 17 (the most recent one that is). If you would like to know the complete answer to this just scroll back to jan 17 in the question section.....the question was asked by "penybraich" who wrote two duplicate ones, open the one with 15 answers. I will go no further here as to the reasons for my YES answer to you as I am all BURNED OUT on this subject:)

12 Feb, 2015


Recommended for addition to your compost heap. Don't put it on your raspberries and don't use it if there is any coal residue in it.

12 Feb, 2015


Only use wood ash but most of the potash is situated in more twiggy wood. If you feel you must use it around your plants then keep it dry to use sparingly later in the season as any potash will soon be leached out when it rains. Also will contain some calcium which will have an adverse effect on lime-haters. I, personally wouldn't bother with it.

12 Feb, 2015

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