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I have a large begonia tuber which I keep frost free in the winter and wondered if it would be easy to split



The way I divide mine (there may be other and better ways) is to start them into growth and when I can see where the new shoots are, cut them leaving at least one shoot on each piece, dust the cut edges with sulphur powder and leave overnight to dry, then re-pot and grow on in the usual way.

21 Feb, 2015


Thanks I will try that

21 Feb, 2015


that's the way I have done mine in the past . Keep them on the dry side to prevent the tuber rotting.

21 Feb, 2015


you can also take cuttings , wait for the new new shoot to be 3 to 4 inches high and then you carefully twist of the corm and pot into fresh multipurpose compost helps it root away quickly , but you will need bottom heat, you can get quite a few from a old corm. and if you leave 3 on will still have a good display


21 Feb, 2015


Thanks a lot for your advice

21 Feb, 2015

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