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I have a large number of Hydrangeas around my lawn that are 12 years old and the old stems are thick hard and 7ft tall. They are pushing the young growth out over my lawn and causing problems with cutting the grass. Can I cut all the existing growth right to the ground and if so how long until I could expect them to flower again?



Do you know which sort of hydrangea? In theory mopheads and lacecaps can be cut hard back in early spring but if they have been neglected and not cut back each year they may not regenerate so well.
H. paniculata is cut back each year to strong buds on the previous year's wood.

22 Feb, 2015


When my sister passed away two years ago, she had a monster hydrangea in a border which I cut right down to the ground ready to remove it. This was in the Spring. I then didn't get round to sorting the garden until the following Spring when it had put on huge amounts of growth and even one flower head. You might upset it for a while but do it when the weather improves in a few months.

22 Feb, 2015


You can renew mopheads less drastically by cutting some stems right back this year and the rest the following year. Not necessarily completely to ground level though as often the new growth appears from a bud on the old wood.

22 Feb, 2015

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