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Hello all.
I have 2 russet potatoes that languished too long in the pantry and are now bearing fruit ie tubers. The taters are not buried just sitting. I would like to grow if possible. There are multiple tubers right now and green. Any thoughts or suggestions?



Dig them in and see what happens, what other choice do you have? I see none, but other members may have some other ideas of what to do.

24 Feb, 2015


sounds good to me ls .

24 Feb, 2015


Your potatoes are sprouting, which all potatoes will do if left too long. You only want 3 or 4 sprouts per potato so remove the rest and then plant - snag is unless you are in a warmish part of the States it is too early to be planting potatoes.

24 Feb, 2015


good thinking mg

24 Feb, 2015

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