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By Treetop

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Hi guys & girls, My Escallonia is now in it's 3rd year. I understand this is the time to prune to encourage bushier growth. My question is how much should I take off?
Escallonia is now approx six foot high.




Looks like Escallonia 'Iveyi'. Will get very big eventually and if it isn't pruned then it tends to lose a lot of the lower growth. I pulled my hedge of Iveyi up because that is exactly what it did. I would pune about one fifth every year after flowering. If you can take the time to prune by hand, then cut back just above a leaf axle to prevent die-back. This will take off the dead flowers which it usually holds on to. I found that a feed of Epsom salts helped to keep it green as it has a tendency to yellow especially on limey ground.

24 Feb, 2015


Thanks Jimmy, yes you are right it is 'Iveyi'.

24 Feb, 2015

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