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well here we go again I have some rose seeds and need to know what to do with them ie best compost temps ect anyone out there a rose grower!!!



I love roses but I'm not sure that I'd go to the length of growing them from seed. I suppose you might strike it lucky with a new beauty but there are so many professional rose growers out there doing a great job already.
If you really want to give it a go, take a look at the wiki

25 Feb, 2015


I agree with Urbanite... growing roses from seeds is like playing the roulette wheel!

26 Feb, 2015


or you can stick them in a good quality compost and they will germinate.simple

26 Feb, 2015


Snag is you have no idea what you will get WLB... could be a briar and will take years before it flowers.

26 Feb, 2015


I enjoy growing from seed .....just to see what turns up!
I would think they needed chilling to break dormancy unless thats been done, I would think the fridge at this time of year, worth checking though....and good luck!

26 Feb, 2015


They have to be stratified for ages - picked at exactly the right moment in the first place, cleaned and kept sterile.... And even if conditions are perfect there is a very low germination rate and no guarantee that you will get anything worthwhile. Which is why the expert rose breeders don't produce new roses every other day (not even David Austen!)

26 Feb, 2015

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