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I have a property which has a fig and other large trees on it so it is like a tropical yard.

The lawn can’t grow and the ground gets covered in big leaves.
The block slopes from the back to the rear of the house on about a 3 meter decline.The front yard, from the drive way is very much the same, see the big tree and the fact that no lawn will grow.What do you recommend I do, I want to keep the trees but I want the ground to look better than dead sand and leaves ?…



I was going to say some people would love them trees etc including me . out the back you could have a platform/patio with a rail around it . uplight it and it will look like its floating and add some ferns and shade lovers . put it right in the middle . out the front I would maybe have a stream with cobbles , natural stone in the middle maybe and keep the theme . the solar led`s are great these days as I have some . just a thought .

26 Feb, 2015


Dead sand? Could you give a location? Such as a country and or location. This would give good ideas for plantings. NP has some good ideas.

27 Feb, 2015


lawn isn't the only answer as ls sais theres other ideas for planting . I got know lawn and glad about that . maybe look on youtube at garden ideas .

27 Feb, 2015


Did you mean to include a photo? It would be a help . You sound as though you are in the US- could you put your location on yout profile as it makes a difference to what people may suggest.

27 Feb, 2015


good thinking sg .

27 Feb, 2015


Photos would be useful - I'm taking a guess you're in the States somewhere because you talk about a front 'yard' rather than garden, so which USDA zone are you in, if you are in the States?

Can't give much of an answer without either pictures or more info, but basically, if you have mature trees keeping a lawn or grass in shade most of the time, your grass certainly won't be at all happy. Equally, deciduous trees drop their leaves, and if these are not swept or collected up from the grass, the grass will suffer. It might be you need to consult an arboriculturalist to see if the tree/s can be pruned back, or whether its time to consider removing one or more.

27 Feb, 2015

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