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I bought A Gardman compact walking greenhouse last year, it has a cover made of raffia looking mesh with clear plastic in between. Trouble is, the clear plastic bits are now crumbling away, leaving holes in the cover.
I'm guessing it's from exposure to the sun. Now replacement covers are quite expensive (between 15 to 20 pounds) and i'm not too happy about spending that amount for something that only last a year. My neighbour told me I should cover it with greenhouse insulation bubble wrap, and that it does make a difference. Is it true? could I cover the the greenhouse old Holy cover with bubble wrap and it will act as a proper cover? or do I need to buy a new cover and then bubblewrap it and it will last longerand make the greehouse warmer etc...?




I think making your own cover out of bubble wrap would be fine.

Had to smile at the idea of a walking greenhouse with a holy cover!

27 Feb, 2015


I have a mini greenhouse which I dismantle every year. The previous cover lasted about 6 years using this method.

27 Feb, 2015


</p>Landgirl100<p> Thank you for your reply. </p>Cammomile<p> I should have thought of that, but i'm too lazy lol.

27 Feb, 2015


Don't you just love predictive text!

27 Feb, 2015


Mine did the same,with the sun..I kept an old clear see through one,I had previously,and cut the top piece off to fit over.It was then sealed round with Duct tape..which has been very successful this winter,and kept it dry inside..I think bubble wrap will do the trick just as well.

27 Feb, 2015


I find the Guardman tunnels to be poor value for money. Just under two years ago we bought a garden polytunnel (9'x6') from them with a similar cover to yours, your Highness. This has quickly deteriorated in the sun and I have a replacement cover ready to fit in the spring. Ours is used purely as a cover for perenial plants and seedlings that don't want to get too wet and is surviving, just, at the moment complete with plenty of rips and perished places.
Out tunnel was bought from a respectbale garden centre for £90 and I have seen the same this year for £160! I hope to make the new cover last for a minimum of two years and then will abandon it.

27 Feb, 2015


I have the smaller growhouse and my cover went like that in about 5 yrs, and I bought a replacement cover, it was hard and stiff and didn't fit nearly as well as the original, wish I had hung on to the original. I may well buy a new one and just keep the shelving from the first one.

27 Feb, 2015


I have two of these greenhouses, but smaller than yours, not walk in, which I use for bringing on seedlings I have grown, and also for bringing on young plants I have bought on line. I move them into the garage, without dismantling, once the seedlings are big enough to plant in the garden and store bulbs, dahlia tubers, fuchsias, plant pots, allsorts, on the shelves over the winter. I have bought two reinforced covers this year but the old clear ones have lasted about four years using this method of storage.

27 Feb, 2015


The plastic coldframe that I bought last year tore along the zip after a particularly heavy downpour of rain (weight of water pooling on the top of it) I was considering getting lightweight insulated sheeting from a diy store and making a more substantial cover which would still pack flat out of the way in summer.

27 Feb, 2015


Our treasurer on our allotments has one of these walk in greenhouses and he has covered his with the green netting and the cover has lasted now for a number of years, as well as protecting it from the sun it also strengthens it from the winds which stops it from ripping, I have got one this year and I will be doing the same.

1 Mar, 2015


John743, what sort of green netting do you mean? By the way, i bought a clear cover from: The Range, its the same size overall but the door is wider so when opened it doesnt cover the shelves very well but it doesnt matter much really, it was cheap though, 12£. I will get some bublewrap later and will take the cover off during the next winter.

25 Mar, 2015

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