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I bought a hardy kiwi last year and had to put it in a pot as I had no space at the time to fit it in my raised bed. Now it is starting to show new growth I want to get it in the ground and have a space. Is it too early yet to plant him?



If its been outside all winter in a pot, yes you can plant it immediately. If its been under cover or inside, then you need to harden it off first.

27 Feb, 2015


Thanks. It has been outside so now I have identified the space for it I will plan to get it in. Probably after the rain and gales forecast for the next few days though!!

27 Feb, 2015


Is this your only kiwi plant? I thought you needed 2 to get fruit.

28 Feb, 2015


You do, Wylie, a male and female plant - but maybe the asker has Actinidia kolomikta and not the fruiting type.

28 Feb, 2015


Not really bought for fruit. Just a novelty plant to add to the raised bed.

28 Feb, 2015


Just planted my kiwi this morning and noticed that it is a self fertile variety called Issai. Hope it will be happy between my apple and pear trees and settle in well.

4 Mar, 2015

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