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I have a garden full of hydrangeas and it is my first spring here - they are, I think, the mop head varieties in pinks and blues. They have not been pruned so are now just woody stems with the heads still in place (woody)! Should I prune them now? There are loads of new buds coming out below the dead flowers!

Also attached is another picture of a shrub which I am not sure what is - could you please advise?

Many thanks


Image Image



Hydrangea macrophylla usually are not pruned at all, except to remove the old flower heads back to a bud. They flower on old wood, that is branches grown last year.
However if they are getting big then you can remove say a third of the oldest branches, about now, to encourage now growth in Summer.
The pictures are upside down so not easy to see. It could well be Hydrangea grandiflora Annabelle though.

27 Feb, 2015


The second picture looks like a Sedum to me, possibly S. spectabile or one of its relations.

27 Feb, 2015


I think the second one is a Sedum too..It's ok to cut all the stems off,as it's very hardy..I leave the flower heads on for the winter,as I like the colouring,.You should be able to see new growth at the base now..

27 Feb, 2015


Thank you very much for the replies, should I cut off the old dead heads now just above the new buds or just leave those too? The pictures are showing the right way up on my screen so am not sure why they are upside down to view your end.

27 Feb, 2015


Sorry owdboggy just realised you answered that first time round!! Thank you

27 Feb, 2015


Are the two pictures of the same plant? As one is white and the other brown/
Upside down images often happens when posted from various devices.

27 Feb, 2015


Hi's up to you when you cut off. The dead flower heads on your hydrangeas. Some people leave them until the new buds break, as they offer some protection from frost. The Sedum similar... When you are ready just cut the stems right down to ground level.

27 Feb, 2015


We're you asking about the shrub in the second picture? If so you probably need to wait for the leaves to break.

27 Feb, 2015


I get it n ow, the first image is the H. macrophylla and the second is the unknown.
Definitely Sedum, I cut ours down almost immediately after flowering or they seed everywhere.

27 Feb, 2015


Thanks so much for comments - very helpful, new to this and a lot to learn so fantastic to be able to access this help!

4 Mar, 2015

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