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Has anyone had a problem buying sulphur candles? As it is the time of the year once again to start cleaning the greenhouse, I visited my local garden centre to buy a sulphur candle. I was to that they weren't able to source them from their supplier any more and were looking for something different. I wondered whether it was down to our old friends, EEC health and safety once again. They are still available to buy on Amazon but it might be that it is just old stock they are trying to shift. Has any member heard anything?



They're still listed on the Vitax UK website so I don't think there's a withdrawal issue.
Also available in B&Q - sorry take that back B&Q are listing them as not stocked in store.
First advert on Internet is (£5.99 with free next day delivery)

It may be that GCs etc don't want them hanging around in storeroom where they could cause problems.

Ignore all of the above - the following RHS info might explain...
Active ingredient Sulphur candle
Brand name(s) Growing Success Deadfast Greenhouse sulphur candle. Sulphur candles are still offered as cleaning agents rather than pesticides, and must be used as directed on the label
Main use A general glasshouse fumigant used to kill fungal spores on exposed surfaces
Last date of use 31.12.11

28 Feb, 2015


Sulfur fumigating candles are no longer manufactured in the USA and Urbanite has given you the name of the only product available in the UK from what I can see. The company that produced these candles in the US has given a recipe to make these candles on your own but this is a dangerous affair and not to be attempted in the home. As with any enclosed fumigation take care, a botanist friend of mine who was supposed to know what he was doing set off a fumigant bomb as he had done many times before in one of his research greenhouses and this time he never made it out alive, it was that quick.

28 Feb, 2015


Having failed to find any I contacted Vitax and was told that the registration for them had expired and it was to expensive for them to reapply.
Someone on Ebay presumably bought up a job lot and is offering them for the exorbitant price of £28.99.
Bit of a bugger as they were the only fumigants permitted in organic systems.

11 Nov, 2015

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