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Hellebore. I know a lot of regular GoYers grow hellebores and I bought this one yesterday in Morrisons (£5 + 500 bonus points). I'm running out of pots and was thinking about this sharing a pot with one of the hostas I got from the Gardeners' World offer.
Is there any reason why the two - hosta and hellebore - shouldn't be happy together? I only succumbed to hellebores last spring and one of the two I bought hasn't done much at all, while the other is significantly smaller than when I bought it!




Hellebores really prefer to be in the ground rather than in pots. Whether you could plant it in the same pot as the Hosta will depend on the size of the pot and the size of the Hosta.

28 Feb, 2015


Thanks MG. The pot I have in mind is 12" deep and 10" diameter. The hostas were bare root (6 'free' offer) so I'm not expecting much from them for a year or two and was going to start them off in smaller pots. I might be able to find a corner for this hellebore where I didn't plant too many bulbs.
I will have to curb my impulse plant buying for a while until I know what has survived and, more importantly, what thrives in the border.

28 Feb, 2015


A 10" diameter pot will really only be big enough for the Hellebore Urbanite.

1 Mar, 2015


The hellebore is lovely as are hostas but I don't think the leaves complement each other,
my hellebores have sprawling leaves most of the year whilst the hosta has firm beautifully shaped growth,
I wouldn't overpot baby hosta's, best to pot on as they grow...
hope it helps.....

1 Mar, 2015


I have to agree Pamg

1 Mar, 2015

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