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I am looking for a bit of advice.

When would be the best time to plant Gladioli Bulbs, Dahlia Tubers and Begonia Corms for August Flowering.



The right time to plant them is as soon as you get them home from the nursery or garden centre or, if you order from a reputable mail order supplier out of season, they will be sent to you at the right time.

Can't comment varieties of dahlia or begonia as don't like either and would never grow them but you will need to pick late flowering varieties of gladioli - I know there is a white one called Prosperity that flowers August/September.

1 Mar, 2015


They are all frost tender plants. Some dahlia tubers will survive frosts if they're mulched deep enough but Begonias wont.

If you have the option to start them off in a bright, frost free place then that would be so much better, otherwise, i wouldn't dream of getting them outside until the frosts have gone

1 Mar, 2015


Agree with Badfish. I'd expect to pot up dahlias and begonia corms indoors or in a greenhouse late January/early February (now, in your case) and start them into growth, keeping them inside in good light until all risk of frost is past, when they can be transferred outside. Gladioli I'd wait till frost risk is much lower, so probably, in the south, mid to late April, and plant them where they are to flower. Further north, later planting.

2 Mar, 2015


Many Thanks for all your replies

28 Mar, 2015

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