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Herbs in containers


By Ads2k15

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb


I've browsed Grows on You for inspiration before but not joined until now. Think it's a great resource for seeing what other people do and planning your garden!

I want to try growing some herbs again this year outside the kitchen, but am unsure what container to use. I'm thinking of going with ether a terracotta strawberry planter (which I already have as pictured below) or a plastic version of the same, or a wooden window box (which I've found online and am considering buying as per the below pics).

Has anyone any experience using any of these for this purpose and if so, which container do you suggest I go with?

Many thanks,


Strawberry_planter Botanico_strawberry_planter Window_box



Hi, welcome to GoY, you can use whichever you want, just don't use multi purpose compost, use a loam based, such as John Innes number 2, Derek.

1 Mar, 2015


Another welcome to Goy Ads2k15.
Derek, I'm wondering why one shouldn't use multi-purpose for herbs?

2 Mar, 2015


Hi Merlin, herbs are likely to be in the containers for quite a while, and multi purpose runs out of nutrients after about 6-8 weeks, and you would have to start feeding, but loam based compost holds nutrients for far longer, so you don't have to feed as early, if at all, Derek.

2 Mar, 2015


Belated thanks for your responses. I went with a wooden herb wheel in the end and it's done alright other than when I've not used some things quickly enough so they've gone past their best now. Maybe next year I should have less herbs and plant some pockets with marigolds or similar as am sure I read somewhere they keep pests at bay.

3 Aug, 2015


Hi, put some Nasturtiums in as well, they will attract the aphids, and you can eat the flowers as well, or use for food decoration, Derek.

4 Aug, 2015

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