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Tell me, has anyone grown Watercress.?



yes I use it as a filter for my fish pond . it thrives in running water , sunshine and loves fish poo as the firtelizer

2 Mar, 2015


ow and don't do anything but buy it from the salad part of a super market like Tesco and break it up and put it in the water as roots come out of any joint in the stem . it will die back in winter but generally self seeds . look up aquaponics on you tube .

3 Mar, 2015


well I accidently realised how much it is in simbiosses with fish . I cleaned all the fish poo off of my filter medium when my pond was empty . in the mean time I used some of the excess to top up a planter . without running water the cress seeds germinated and grew well until this winter and the pampas grass taking over but not much water . its roots are the best filter for a natural pond and it tastes lovely .

3 Mar, 2015


Thank you all for all the feed back re- watercress.

We have a natural spring that runs through our garden.

I thought perhaps I would need to do some sought of water test.

I will give it a go.

Thank you all

3 Mar, 2015


your welcome . just put maybe some chicken wire around it to stop it flowing away until it settles in .

3 Mar, 2015

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