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Help there any treatment for my Jasmine Officinale? It's in a pot and the leaves are covered with black sooty sticky stuff l have been cutting the effected leaves out but there are SO many, l would hate to loose it.



You'd need to tackle the problem first. Aphids ? Mealy bug ? Scale ? is the jasmine indoors or out?

Usually, a wipe of the leaves with a squirt of Fairy liquid in water does the trick. Bit more info needed.

7 Mar, 2015


Its outside Badfish, l've had it for about 8 years so it's quite big.Cant see any "creatures" just this black sticky stuff on the topside of the leaves.

7 Mar, 2015


The black sticky stuff is almost certainly sooty mould and it grows on the honeydew secreted by insect pests. If there is a lot of the black stuff then there is (has been) an insect infestation which you need to cure.
You can go for the napalm-in-the-morning approach and spray with a branded pesticide (but please avoid anything with neonicitinoids) or you can spray with a mild soap (not detergent) solution.
Make sure you spray the whole plant, especially the undersides of the leaves.
You may need to spray more than once.

8 Mar, 2015

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