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I moved into my new home in the middle of the summer last year and it was a wash with these sort of pansy looking plant full of colur but in the evening they closed up and re-opened in the morning.. Can you tell me what they are called Please. I am new to gardening and want to plant some more this year



Hi Martyn52, Google wild violets and see if the flowers are the same as yours.

8 Mar, 2015


Hmm, need a bit more information - what colour were the flowers? Were they multi coloured or bi coloured, or the same colour on one plant, maybe different on another plant? Did they close up in the evening, or simply when the sun wasn't on them? At the moment, I'm thinking maybe Californian poppies (Escholtzia californica), or Zinnia, or Mesembryanthemum - all of these close up when not in sun, but the last two have daisy like flowers. If they were Californian poppies, they seed themselves prolifically so you should have plenty this year too.

8 Mar, 2015


If the garden was awash with them probably they will self seed. It isn't really possible to identify them certainly from that description. If they do self seed anywhere you can take a photo and post it on here, when someones will be able to tell you what it is. anyway google the above suggestions for starters and see if they match.
Oops Bamboo, just noticed you suggested that too.

8 Mar, 2015

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