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Can you give me some care instructions for Skyscraper lillies please



These are lilies that can grow up to eight foot tall. The main issue is therefore staking them against the wind, so tying them in to stout bamboo canes is a good idea as they grow.
Apart from that, they need the same care as any lily, watching out for lily beetles and their grubs, which will destroy them, and making sure they are planted in highly fertile, moist and deeply dug well drained soil.
They will grow in full sun but prefer light afternoon shade.
It's a good idea to mulch the ground well with straw over winter to protect the bulbs from extremely cold weather.
Most lily bulbs fail when left in the ground because of poorly drained soils, where a combination of frost and humidity make them rot. So having good drainage will help.

15 Jul, 2010

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