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I've just bought a Gardman mini grow house. It has four shelves and a plastic cover.
However, it is so light, I can't see how it will stay upright in the wind, even with plants in it.
Does anyone have one, and if so, how do they keep it stable?



I have a couple of Wilco plastic greenhouses which I put inside my glass greenhouse over the winter and over winter plants in them instead of lining the green house.
When they are outside I have them against a wall and I put one of the shelves on the bottom and put heavy pots on it seems to work.

9 Mar, 2015


Up against a south wall with a heavy concrete slab on the bottom. And even then in a very heavy gale the top came off the base and blew away...but most years its been OK.

9 Mar, 2015


My mum had one that kept blowing over even with a heavy weight on the bottom shelf. I tried securing with rubber tent loops and heavy duty tent pegs. The rubber has a flexibility in the wind so it moves slightly but didn't blow over. I secured on all 4 sides. Plus I like the idea of using one inside the green house in the winter instead of all that bubble wrap.

9 Mar, 2015


Good idea Barbara. My almost dead one has been in the conservatory all winter with fuchsias etc on it - saves windowsill space.

What did you fix the tent pegs to? Ours is normally kept on the patio so that wouldn't work there.

9 Mar, 2015


I have two growhouses which I keep in the garage overwinter storing tubers, pots etc on the shelves which saves space and lengthens their life. In spring I have one against the kitchen wall on patio, next to the drainpipe with two bricks or rocks on the bottom shelf. I tie string or garden twine around the top and fasten tightly to the drainpipe. The second one is against the fence and again with rocks on bottom and I screwed two hooks into the fence on either side near the top and again tied string tightly around. Neither have ever blown over with this method.

10 Mar, 2015


Steragram, re securing the Gardman. I looped the tent loops over the bottom frame and put the tent pegs through the loop into the ground. Sorry ,no idea how to help when on patio.

11 Mar, 2015


I bought a heavy wooden wallhouse instead!

12 Mar, 2015


I have put it against the house wall, with four house bricks on the bottom rack. It seems reasonably stable, and hopefully will be better when full of plants.
The only problem is that it faces north.....

12 Mar, 2015

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