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Re: Does an amaryllis have a finite life?
I couldn't see how to add a photo to a question I had already posted, so I have added one here.




Oh I see. Are both centres coming from the same bulb or is one coming form a offset? Not confident that anything I said before is going to be any help, sorry. Best send a PM to Balcony as someone suggested.

9 Mar, 2015


It started off as one bulb, but now seems to have a couple of places from where leaves are coming.

10 Mar, 2015


It looks as though the larger of the new shoots is coming out of the same bulb rather than an offset? I am asking Balcony for advice about whether its better to leave offsets or remove them and will pass on what he says, but if your second shoot is actually coming from the main bulb I have no idea of the answer and suggest you take another photo showing just where its emerging and send him a pm yourself.

10 Mar, 2015


Thank you.

12 Mar, 2015


Sent you a PM with Balcony's advice re offsets as promised.

12 Mar, 2015


Many thanks, Steragram. It's very kind of you to take the time to help, I appreciate it.

14 Mar, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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