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Hydrangea seems to have woodworm holes in the old wood


By Namron

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

My hydrangea seems to have woodworm holes in the old wood. Is this possible? How do I get rid? Do I have to dig up the whole shrub?
(We're obsessed with woodworm at the moment, having just had to treat the roof space and garage for woodworm.)



when you say 'old' wood, do you mean dead wood? if so, remove all dead wood - many hydrangeas become congested and dead wood should be removed anyway. Woodworm, so far as I know, only inhabits dead wood, and isn't a problem outdoors, though I can't swear to that. As you're in the UK, we're fortunate enough not to have 'borers' like they do in the States - post a photo if you're still not sure what to do.

10 Mar, 2015


Thanks Bamboo..........I think it's dead wood which needs to be removed as you say, it's very congested.

10 Mar, 2015

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