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dracena, Dragon plant has grown thin and lanky

I have a Dragon tree that have grown lanky and thin, how can i get to sprout ferther down, or if i cut it down short will it re-grow can i take cuttings i dont want to loose this plant, i took it from my daughters home befor they kill it, the plant have 3 stems growing from 1, the plant that i have has grown to 7 feet and looking nice im hopeing to get the other one the same with some help.

On plant Dracaena



Alternatively, you could try air layering it. With a sharp knife, make a slanting cut about one third of the way through the stem and hold it open with a matchstick. Put some compost in the cut and wrap it in damp sphagum moss. Then wrap that in plastic clingfilm tied top and bottom to hold it all in place. If this works, you should see white roots growing out of the moss in a few weeks. At this point, unwrap it all, cut the stem just below the original cut and pot on the top section to grow on as you would an ordinary cutting.

27 Nov, 2007

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