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Moray, Scotland Sco

This was the scene after last nights gales; the 21 month old Gardman Polytunnel is no more! We use the tunnel for keeping excess wet off hardy alpines and similar seedlings and young plants and have found it much more satisfactory than coldframes. I want to replace it but, preferably, not with another Gardman which is very flimsy and, on the other hand, I we have no need for an expensive professional tunnel.
Does anyone have experience of a tunnel which comes somewhere in between the two described above? It would be 6ft wide and 9 - 12 feet in length, maybe just a few hundred pounds.




No experience on tunnels but that is some wreckage. will the plants be ok? Do you have space in the greenhouse for the time being?

I trust you and the good lady came through unscathed.

10 Mar, 2015


Oh that's nasty. I hope the plants are safe and you can keep them dry somewhere.

10 Mar, 2015


We are both fine, thank you Sbg, and thia was the only damage that I have found so far. Plants are also OK and those that need protection have been rehoused in greenhouses and frames. It is just a nuisance. I have a new cover for the tunnel ready to replace it in spring but the frame is now damaged as well, oh dear.

10 Mar, 2015


Hi Bulbaholic, sorry to see this, but I'm afraid I can't help either, the only polytunnels I've had any experience of were massive things, Derek.

10 Mar, 2015


Pity you are so far away, I have half of a thirty foot poly tunnel doing nothing. The metal hoops part of it that is, the plastic (PVC ) cover disintegrated years ago. It is 15 feet by 15 foot. You could have it for the taking away.

10 Mar, 2015


Wow but yes its was so so wild last night no damage here but think out and about there could have been.

Glad you are both safe though.

10 Mar, 2015


I had one of those plastic lasted about 2 months before a serious gust of wind tore it to shreds.

Picked up a 10 x 8 greenhouse for £80 second hand and haven't looked back

10 Mar, 2015

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