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I thought I was a hibiscus or a mallow my mother plant was nearly 4ft tall on one stem all the foilage died of her last winter but now she is blooming again, my colour is more blue than the picture due to my halfwit keeper using his flash, he hasn't a clue what I am & I really need to know..sobs .....can you help me ...???




you look like a cranesbill geranium to me but you might want to ask Davey to take a photo of you that is in focus

15 Jul, 2010


Greetings mystery plant,
You're right, you are a Malva (Mallow), specifically a Malva you really are blue-ish rather that purple-ish in colour then you could well be a M. sylvestris 'Primley Blue':

15 Jul, 2010


I was thinking that the leaves and stems looked more like a form of Lavatera trimestris.

15 Jul, 2010


Thanks much apreciated all....
sorry about the pic quality - since the old digi cam packed up I only have the mobile to use & with DC in power Im to scared of his axe to spend any of my hard earned :-)

15 Jul, 2010


Tug - it's pretty hard to accurately make out the leaf shape form this pic, but Lavatera trimestris has more rounded and wider petals, typically doesn't reach more than 60-90cm in height and doesn't produce blue flowers in any of it's forms. The "gappy" flowers with distinctively scalloped petal tips, along with the venation, the shape of the buds, the reported flower colour and the height of the parent plant are all consistent with Malva sylvestris.

16 Jul, 2010


I had hoped it was a Hibiscus but had a good study of the link you kindly sent & I am 100% sure it is the *Malva sylvestris 'Primley Blue'
thanks again

16 Jul, 2010

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