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can i add my punk head planter to the planter ideas please who ever does this or is there a way that i can do it ?

Asked from the GoYpedia container garden ideas page

Pottery_029 Teddy_bear_003



Hi Nosey... I'll put this on Flower Pot People...

15 Jul, 2010


Great, Np! I designed one of the Three Stooges once, but it never became a reality. My pottery class ran out before I could get skilled enough to make it. Another artist's tale of "the one that got away!"

15 Jul, 2010


lol tug not to worry lol and thank you for that terra xx .

15 Jul, 2010


Okay Nosey... your work is a good addition to Flower Pot People :o) xxx

15 Jul, 2010



15 Jul, 2010


I love your artwork NP and I've nominated it for "container growing ideas"

15 Jul, 2010


brilliant ian thanx for that mate .

16 Jul, 2010


No probs mate!

16 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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