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I have these 2 trees which I don't know what they are. An ID of them would be very helpful.

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Craned neck!

First is Populus candicans 'Aurora'

The second is really an evergreen shrub but can get to 12ft eventually and is called Viburnum tinus.

15 Jul, 2010


Thanks fractal and apologies for tilted pix. There is no way i can turn these pix from my sony vivaz as it doesn't let me in the camera nor on the computer.

15 Jul, 2010


Any image software on your computer will allow you to rotate the photo

16 Jul, 2010


Hello again, I am doing bit of research on candicans aurora and came with the info that they shouldn't be planted closer than 65 feet from a house. Mine is about 45 feet from my dwelling.

Is it going to be trouble for the house and if so shall I take it out and what else I can plant so that neighbours at the back can't easily look at my house/ garden etc. I prefer a bit of privacy.

19 Sep, 2010


Just hard prune it in spring. This encourages plenty of lovely strong new growth (and larger leaves) and helps reduce the vigor of the roots.

19 Sep, 2010


So there is no problem as long as I hard prune them next spring?

20 Sep, 2010


Yes, pruning reduces the vigour of the roots. If the top isn't large, the roots won't need to grow the equivalent to support it.

20 Sep, 2010


Sorry but one more question. Can I apply the same to Betula tree which is closer than this treebut about 7 feet tall and I keep pruning it so I assume I don't need to take that out from the ground either?

Thanks in advance.

20 Sep, 2010


You won't need to do this to the Betula. Birch are not like Poplar, Willow or Elm which have very exploratory roots, besides pruning would ruin a birch trees graceful form.

20 Sep, 2010

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