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Gooseberries - Tonnes of them!

Anybody any ideas on what to do with our huge harvest of Gooseberries? If you suggest cooking them, how do I go about preparing them?




You can pick the berries and freeze to use in puddings, make gooseberry jam...I'd do a google search on 'how to use gooseberries' Our's aren't anywhere near ripe yet!

16 Jul, 2010


they look lovely, my mouth is watering and I can almost taste
i,d agree with moon grower make jam, sadly I gave up trying to grow them.

17 Jul, 2010


Got a recipe for Gooseberry Chutney somewhere.
And Gooseberries make a lovely wine.

17 Jul, 2010


Recipe for gooseberry sponge dessert - can't remember what size dish, but it has to be shallow, say an inch or two, and I used to use an oblong one about 8 inches long by 6 inches wide I think. Place prepared gooseberries (not cooked) in a layer in the bottom of the dish, dot with butter, sprinkle sugar over the top to taste. Now make a fatless sponge mix (3 medium eggs, 3 oz. caster sugar, 3 oz self raising flour, sifted twice, but I used to double this up) When the mixture is made (bit of a performance involving whisking the eggs first in a dish standing in a saucepan of hand hot water for 2 minutes, add sugar, continue whisking for 8 to 10 minutes (quicker with electric whisk) until mixture is light in colour and like softly whipped cream. Remove from saucepan of water and continue whisking till mixture cools, about five minutes, gently fold in flour with large metal spoon). Now spoon the mixture over the gooseberries, cook in oven for about 30 minutes Gas No. 4 or 180C/350F. It is delicious, but a bit of a faff to make, so I used to cheat and shove trifle sponges over the top of pre cooked gooseberries instead, lol (for the kids, not for a dinner party).

17 Jul, 2010

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