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can anyone tell me how to look after the newzealand kaka beak please.



Should be cut back after flowering to promote bushiness. Don't know whether you have it as a houseplant or outside, but outdoors, tolerates brief spells at -5 deg. C, but not lower and not for long periods, so not fully hardy. Needs sheltered, sunny spot, well drained soil.

17 Jul, 2010


Thanks for the info , this is my first time with this plant ,i have a vast amount of chilli like seed pods at the moment, they are outside, 2 in pots and one in earth, all doing very well, just a bit scared of loosing them only 1 year old.

17 Jul, 2010


If you've got seed pods, collect some when they're ripe - you can sow that under glass (or indoors on a windowsill) in early spring, just in case you lose any plants this year. They generally come true for colour too, in case you have a white and red form. But it strikes me that if they're one year old and have been outside all the time, they must have come through last winter - if they did, they'll come through another one too, as last winter was exceptionally cold.

18 Jul, 2010


Thanks, they where inside for this winter in the porch, then out for a while when the weather was good and so on, in then out, then planted one in the earth the other two just out in their pots, they looked beautiful when flowered, i have just left them, a bit scared to touch them they are my babies,dont want to shock them when pruning, because they are only 1 year old, they are not native to our country the climate is and the seasons are different.

whould love to hear anymore about this beautiful plant if you have anything for me,
all the best...

18 Jul, 2010

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