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Can I uproot spotted laurel?

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I have a huge spotted laurel. I love it. We are moving house & would love to uproot it to our new garden. Is this advisable?




It all depends on how big you mean, I have myself moved small to medium specimens with success, I have given them a good cut before moving them, if you can dig it out then try to get a decent rootball, if it is too dificult then take some cuttings from the plant, they take very easy.

24 Mar, 2015


Thanks, I've since uploaded a photo.

24 Mar, 2015


It's approx 6 ft tall

24 Mar, 2015


I think you'd be safer to start again with a new one. Some people dislike them so how about asking your buyer if they like it - if they intend to get rid then you've nothing to lose by trying. But don't hold your breath.

24 Mar, 2015


It'll have a fairly extensive root system by now - I can't tell if there's paving around it, but if there is, don't even attempt to dig it up, you'd have to remove the slabs in order to get it out. Probably best to start again with a new one.

24 Mar, 2015


Thanks. I was hoping it would have been safe to move but had my doubts. I'm not a gardner but do love this. I've had it since it was really small. I've grown attached to it ?. Can someone give me a step by step how to take cuttings please & when's best to do it. I don't move for approx 5 months.


24 Mar, 2015


Semi ripe cuttings between end of May and August - google semi ripe cuttings, there's an online tutorial.

24 Mar, 2015


Ok that's great thanks very much for your help

24 Mar, 2015


If you have sold your house, unless you excluded them from the sale the plants in the ground now belong to the new owners and you cannot remove them without their agreement.

24 Mar, 2015


Judging by your picture I would I am sure be able to move this unless like bamboo says there are slabs or concrete by the side of it, if you move it don't be afraid of chopping off nearly all the growth, it will respond and with vigour, have a look at the base to see if it has one main stem or several, if the latter then it will be easy to divide one of these stems just make sure you get a good piece of root system if you know someone that has a decent Matock or pic then they could do it for you but either way still take some cuttings to be on the safe side .

25 Mar, 2015


If it has not started in to growth yet you could take some hardwood cuttings. Put them around the edge of a fair sized pot about 1" apart. The reason I suggest doing it in a pot is because it is a slow process and the cuttings will not root for some time. When you see roots coming through the bottom of the pot then is the time to separate them in to individual pots. It could take more than a year. If the new owners do not want the plant then try and move it in to either a big pot or wrap it in hessian and ensure it is kept watered. Use the excess foliage which you will have after cutting it back to about 18" for cuttings. If it is still alive by the time you move, plant it in a hole big enough to allow you to spread out the roots. I would sprinkle Bone Meal over the hole before planting. It helps the plant to develop new roots. It will need to be kept watered for at least the first year. Good luck with the plant and the move. I'm not a professional gardener and I tend to move things around when I feel it is necessary.

26 Mar, 2015


Thanks very much for all your help - much appreciated.

27 Mar, 2015

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