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I have a panel of trellis with a trough underneath in which to put plants. This year I have tried sweet peas but they do not look good and I dont think they are right for this sort of quite open trellis. Can anyone suggest something I could grow up this trellis (something permanent if possible). I have a couple of clematis in as well at the moment but this have hardly produced any flowers at all. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



What depth is the trough ?
It would have to be fairly deep to allow the plants roots to establish properly, i'd think a depth of 12" minimum, especially for Clematis and Roses, so too Lathyrus i believe.

I have my Lathyrus growing up an obelisk, so like you, it's a very 'open' area to grow up .... mine's doing fine up it so i wouldn't think your wide trellis' nature would be a problem.

Which Clematis do you have there ?

17 Jul, 2010


Agree with Louise - its not the trellis, its the trough that's the problem - if its one of those ones you can buy ready made, they're never deep enough for climbers anyway, I can never understand why they sell them with a trellis, unless its just for a moveable privacy screen.

17 Jul, 2010


Thank you to Louise and Bamboo - the trough is about 9 inches planting depth. I dont know the name of the clematis, one is a small white flower and the other quite a large purple one.
Do you have any suggestions for something to climb up the trellis. It is the end panel of our 2 1/2 foot fence nearest to the house, which borders our raised patio.
Thanks for your help so far.

17 Jul, 2010


I can't think of anything permanent that would grow up the trellis from a depth of 9 inches except Ivy,possibly, but you could try temporary summer climbers such as climbing nasturtium, they might tolerate it.

17 Jul, 2010



17 Jul, 2010

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